Alistair is based in North West England, however, we choose not to publish our exact location on the internet.

Customers are welcome to visit our workshops, strictly by appointment only.

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All products listed are designed for motorsport/off road use only, not for use on public highways. Motorsport and related activities are dangerous by nature, CHV Engineering accepts no liability or costs for any damages/claims whatsoever resulting from the installation, use, misuse or handling of any products supplied. CHV Engineering makes every possible effort to supply safe goods, however, it is the responsibility of the buyer, user or subsequent user of the products to verify dimensions, specifications & performance, ensure suitability for the application, safe & correct installation (we recommend by a professional) and detailed inspection/maintenance is carried out before each use. CHV Engineering assumes no responsibility for any errors on this website or contained in any information supplied with parts or products supplied. Any quoted figures, performance related or otherwise, are given as an indication only and are not guaranteed in any way. The installation of CHV Engineering's parts or products may adversely affect other components. CHV Engineering assumes no liability for any damage to other goods or injury which may occur due to the failure of other goods, due to the installation and/or use of any parts or products supplied. The liability of CHV Engineering is limited to the replacement of defective products or parts found under examination by the manufacturer to be defective in material or workmanship within 60 days after purchase, and which is not the result of an accident, improper or excessive use, misuse, tampering, alteration, modification or abuse. All goods must be returned at cost of the purchaser, in original packaging in undamaged & unmodified condition, complete with a copy of the sales invoice. Bypurchasing goods or services from CHV Engineering, the buyer/user of the products agrees to these terms.